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Preserve the Right to Fish & Hunt in Florida

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Amendment 2 definitively protects our right to fish and hunt in the state of Florida. While bans were considered in at least a dozen states last year, including a push to criminalize hunting, fishing and farming, Amendment 2 will prevent extremists from taking away our rights.

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Amendment 2 preserves Florida’s rich traditions, conservation practices, outdoor lifestyle and economic opportunities. As the Fishing Capital of the World, anglers come to chase everything from tarpon to red snapper, while hunters flock to Florida to chase waterfowl, and Osceola turkeys.

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Amendment 2 provides the fundamentals of conservation — enhancing ecosystems and promoting game populations which provide opportunities for Floridians and visitors alike to experience the unmatched natural resources of Florida’s fishing and hunting adventures.

What’s on the ballot this November 5, 2024?

RIGHT TO FISH AND HUNT. — Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to preserve forever fishing and hunting, including by the use of traditional methods, as a public right and preferred means of responsibly managing and controlling fish and wildlife. Specifies that the amendment does not limit the authority granted to the Fish and WildlifeConservation Commission under Section 9 of Article IV of the State Constitution.

The Threats are Real

Efforts Underway to Criminalize Hunting and Fishing

Hunting and fishing bans were considered in at least a dozen states in 2022. The worst of which was a ballot initiative in Oregon that would have criminalized hunting, fishing and farming. This radical proposal missed being added to the ballot in Oregon by only 20,000 signatures in 2022.

So far, 23 states have passed a constitutional Right to Fish and Hunt amendment – Florida is not yet one of those states.

Protecting Traditions

Fishing and hunting are long-standing traditions in many communities, and especially in Florida. In 2020, 273,000 Floridians purchased hunting licenses and another 1,327,971 Floridians purchased fishing licenses last year.

Economic Impact

Fishing and Hunting Fuels Florida’s Economy

Florida is the fishing capital of the world. Saltwater and freshwater fishing generate $13.8 billion in annual economic impact for Florida and support 120,000 jobs. Hunting provides another $2 billion annual economic impact and supports 14,300 jobs.

The Truth About Amendment 2

What does “traditional methods” mean as referenced in the ballot language?

This means “that which is legal at the time of passage” – it doesn’t undo decades of wildlife policy, or reverse the net ban, or any of the other fear-mongering type ideas that are mentioned – it really just protects that which is legal at the time of passage.

Why is this the preferred means of managing fish and wildlife?

This is a great question! Anytime wildlife populations should be managed, be it to control population or human-interactions, hunting and angling should be considered first. Doing this allows for a revenue generating, sustainable practice to conserve wildlife, vs. a myriad of ideas that afford a cost to the taxpayer while simultaneously blocking hunters and anglers from participating.

Does this undermine Florida Wildlife Conservation Commission at all?

Absolutely not. Regulations, bag limits, seasons, determinations on if a species can be taken or not all still sits with FWC. This was an important part of the language in this amendment.

What about Gill Nets? Would they become legal again?

Absolutely not. In fact, in states with a Right to Fish and Hunt Amendment (North Carolina specifically), the amendment is being used to actively fight against and remove gill nets.

Why is there no language in the amendment protecting property owners from trespassers?

These protections already exist in Florida. Including a private property provision would’ve been redundant.

Who Supports Amendment 2?

Agriculture Commissioner Wilton Simpson

All Florida

American Daughters of Conservation

American Sportfishing Association

Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

Bonefish & Tarpon Trust

Chairman Rodney Barreto – Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission

Coastal Conservation Association

Congressional Sportsman’s Foundation

Delta Waterfowl

Ducks Unlimited

Everglades Coordinating Council

Florida Airboat Association

Florida Guides Association

Florida Sportsman’s Conservation Association

Future Hunting in Florida

Izaak Walton League Cypress Chapter

Kissimmee River Valley Sportsmen Association

Marine Industries Association of Palm Beach County

National Shooting Sports Foundation

National Wild Turkey Federation

Safari Club International

Teddy Roosevelt Action

United Waterfowlers of Florida

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